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Does Skin Need to Be Tightened After Liposuction Procedures?

Most individuals assume that, after having liposuction, it is possible to leave the clinic with a body ready for the bikini. The reality is not always so simple. Although liposuction surgery is designed to eliminate the specific body issues, the skin that previously housed this fat does not necessarily disappear immediately.

Leftover skin may persist in the arms, abdomen, or areas where fat has been removed, and it is these patients that have sagging skin that want treatment. The answer is something called “skin tensioning.” In other words, skin tensioning is just another form of a facelift. To know the costs involved, do not hesitate to contact the surgeon.

Skin slackening and liposuction

Liposuction dislodges and sucks the fat cells through a cannula after being broken up by a laser. It is designed to reshape the contours of the person’s figure. The procedure aims to give each patient the ideal silhouette by clearing imperfections.

The treatment is not designed to help people lose weight, nor is it intended to remove skin. All the skin that has grown to accommodate the intake of fat will always be there in patients whose elasticity of the skin is not sufficient. People should keep in mind that the amount of fat removed is essential because the surplus of skin is more evident.

Why does the skin not always retract?

Skin elasticity is not simply affected by the reduction of fat and it is necessary to note the following points:

  • How long has the person been overweight: The longer the skin is stretched, the lower the chances it will retract.
  • Losing weight progressively can give the skin time to retract. However, if significant weight loss occurs very quickly, the skin is usually struggling to catch up.
  • Age: The elasticity of the skin decreases gradually over time. Young patients will, therefore, be more likely to have their skin retract satisfactorily after losing weight or after liposuction.
  • State of health: The more elastic a person’s skin is, the healthier the person is overall.

Genetics also plays a role. If your skin does not retract after liposuction, contact the plastic surgeon you dealt with because there are many treatment options available to help with these types of issues. People can check out for more details.